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It may indeed be possible to convert your heating equipment to direct vent through sidewall. So if it's a joist that's giving you clearance trouble you'd just cut that joist short and carry it with a header framed between the two joists on either side of the short one. Is this considered an inside corner issue, which means I need 3 feet clearance from the side of the deck? that could vary. Discussion: JohnWatch out: The safety concern here is that installers of direct vent systems on gas heating equipment should (OPINION) take care to assure that gas combustion products do not re-enter the building where in addition to condensation and moisture damage the most-serious concern is the risk of fatal carbon monoxide poisoning. If your concern is heat from the water heater damaging the plastic vent components, the answer may also depend on the size and heat of the Weber grill model. Thank you for the questions. National Fuel Gas Code NFPA 54/ANSI z223.1 Section 7.8 pages 54-52 & 54-53 THROUGH THE WALL VENT TERMINATION (a) A mechanical draft venting system shall terminate at least 3 feet above any forced air inlet located within 10 feet. Phone: 802.863.4511. The exhaust vent terminal shall not be located: over public walkways or over an area where wetting of surfaces by condensate, or water vapor, could create a nuisance or hazard, near soffit vents, crawl space vents, or other areas where condensate or water vapor could create a nuisance, hazard, or cause property damage, and. CSA B149.1, Natural Gas and Propane Installation Code. View Document Scope. It is used to vent natural draft, non-condensing appliances such as water heaters & furnaces. • A horizontal installation shall have a slope Apologies for the delay. CAUTION Flue gas temperatures must never exceed 550° F in any Hart & Cooley gas vent system. Screws, rivets, and other fasteners shall not penetrate the inner wall of double wall gas vents, except at the transition from the appliance hood odraft utlet, flue collar, or single wall metal connector to a double wall vent. 12.9 Through the wall vent terminations • 12.9.1 A mechanical draft venting system shall terminate at least 3 ft (0.9 m) above any forced air inlet located within 10 ft (3 m). NFPA Standards are reproduced with NFPA's permission by But I'm confused by the following: Is the air INtake subject to the exact same clearance requirements as the exhaust? [NFPA 54:12.8.7] 510.8 Through-the-Wall Vent Termination. Permitted only if veranda, porch, deck, or balcony is fully open on a minimum of two sides beneath the floor. My question is: Vent termination per ANSI Z223.1/NFPA 54. Minimum distance horizontally from the meter or vertically?Thanks»! 1: This provision shall not apply to the com-bustion air intake of a direct vent appliance On 2020-01-04 by (mod) - B-vent clearance to combustibles. • The total vent length from the appliance flue collar to the outside termination shall not be greater than the maximum specified in the appliance manufacturer’s instructions. [NFPA 54:12.7.2(4)] - retrieved 2020/10/12 original source: California Building Code, the visible vent is a bathroom exhaust fan. Add a new requirement for appliances with an input above 150,000 Btu that they have clearances to building openings in accordance with the appliance manufacturer’s A Type B or a Type L gas vent shall terminate not less than 5 feet (1524 mm) in vertical height above the highest connected appliance draft hood or flue collar. It won't be inspected but I'd like it done "correctly." thoughts?? %PDF-1.5 %âãÏÓ The 2" pvc is a sump pump. (A)* Coverage of piping systems shall extend from the point of delivery to the appliance connections. Isn't "exhaust" - "exhaust"?? @cliff,"what is the difference between a 80,000 B heater input BTU rating and a 80,000 C heater BTU rating as it applies to your vent length table"The difference between 80,000 B and 80,000 C is the furnace cabinet width. I would start by checking with the manufacturer of the equipment. Most likely yes. This horizontal plastic entry port is 5" deep covering the main house inlet vent. 113 0 obj <>stream It may also be used as a connector to listed side wall power ASHRAE, Reuther, J.J.; Hemphill JR., Vent – Terminal Locations as Related to Air Infiltration and Indoor Air Quality, ASHRAE Journal, v 108, n1, p 563-571, 2002. Maximum allowable limits listed on individual lengths for inlet and flue and NOT a combination. For example a charcoal barbecue grill may be hotter than a small model gas grill. 31 DC 30666, Field Corporation, Mendota, IL 61342, web search 04/02/2011, original source:, Field Controls, Kingston, North Carolina 28501, Tel: 919-522-3031. The fuel being used for your heaters, and other more basic details such as clearance from combustibles of course will be considerations in exactly what's needed. [15]. Will it work and is it OK, to run a 2" PVC furnace vent and a 3" PVC water heater vent out through a common 4" PVC vent through the wall using a Y fitting so there is only one exit through the wall ? Innovation. 50,000 Btuh (15 kw), 12 inches (30 cm) for appliances > 50,000 Btuh (15 kw), 3 feet above if within 10 feet horizontally, 3 feet (91 cm) above if within 10 feet (3m) horizontally. Figure 6 - Vertical Vent Termination VERTICAL TERMINATION NOTICE: When using double wall vent pipe, O-ring gaskets are not required and should be discarded. If your concern is for heater exhaust affecting the grill operation, we have no expert data on that concern and it's less likely to be a worry but the same 3 ft. arbitrary guess may be sufficient. An angle greater than 45 degrees (0.79 rad) from the vertical is considered horizontal. In accordance with the current ANSI Z223.1/NFPA 54 National Fuel Gas Code. ... –Must be lined per NFPA 211 –Termination 31. The visible vent is a bathroom exhaust. Experience. Kevin there's more than one answer - for example are there windows in your home's wall that would make the vent violate that detail?See all of the vent clearances in the article above. 8. The top of the vent is currently 4 inches below the vinyl siding. increased Clearance Configurations using (2) 45 deg. High Efficiency Natural The only NFPA54 rule similar to your table is in 2021 version NFPA 54 Table 12.9.1 which states NO LIMIT to vented or unvented soffit. See MANUALS for HEATING SYSTEM CONTROLS for I&O Manuals for other heating equipment brands and models. Click to Show or Hide Citations & References, Distances from direct gas vent to building features, GAS FIREPLACE VENT CLEARANCE REQUIREMENTS, CLOTHES DRYER VENT CLEARANCES & TERMINATION, FUEL GAS CODE (2018) Chapter 5 Chimneys and Vents - Colorado, AMERICAN STANDARD GAS FURNACE INSTALLATION MANUAL, Aerco GF-5050 Innovation Series & ReCon Water Heater Venting and Combustion Air Guide, MEASURE GUIDELINE: Watch out: there could be other more dangerous conditions: if the air intake vacuum created by the A/C compressor / condenser unit actually draws air or gases out from the nearby direct vent gas heater or from a passive-vented (atmospheric vented) gas fireplace appliance, that increased draft may impact the safe operation of the gas burner, risking dangerous or even fatal carbon monoxide hazards. [NFPA 54:] The total horizontal distance of a vent plus the horizontal vent connector serving draft hood-equipped appliances shall not exceed 75 percent of the vertical height of the vent. šGÞ3m ¿>Kf«¦$fd``¾w7«­,D”Q À ®H© No single answer number would be safe for all conditions. What is the rationale for clearance from a LP regulator? I prefer to install on top of it, but then the vent would be within 1 foot below the deck. 0 Then 16 inch horizontal through a wall thimble and into another 90 degree elbow. 12 inches (30 cm) for appliances > 10,000 Btuh (3 kw) and =/< System 1738 PVC Low Profile vent kits are made from a UL 1738 certified PVC compound and are rated to a maximum temperature of 149oF. Tel: 252.522.3031 However they were installed about the height where the deck support beams would go. 12.9 Through-the-Wall Vent Termination. or exhaust? elbow. I'm also planning to move the water heater vent and the plumbing vent so they exit on the side of the attic and then go above the roof. I want to move a vent for a 18K BTU gas wall furnace so it exits the gable high side of a wall rather than straight up through the roof because I'm installing a metal roof and the fewer openings the better. or both? Robert from the table above on this page we see Distance to each side of centerline extended above a [gas] meter / regulator assembly 4 feet - but electric meters are not sited in the standards that I have found and refer-to here. Code, NFPA 54 and NFPA 211. Similar problems have been observed in older homes that have been retrofitted with new high efficiency gas furnaces where the venting has been put through the wall rather than keeping it through the roof. Then 15 feet vertical up the outside of the house through the eve terminating 2 feet above the highest part of ... NFPA 54: National Fuel Gas Code provides the most effective means of ensuring fuel gas safety on consumers' premises. inches (23 cm) for appliances > 10,000 Btuh (3 kw) and =/< On 2019-07-27 by (mod) - gas meter clearance to Weber grill. [7] Bradford White Sidewall Power Venter Kit, Field Controls, Tel: 252-522-3031, Website:, [9] "Tankless water heater side wall vent termination", Rheem Corporation, Website:, [10] "Gold™ CGs Gas-Fired Water Boilers Venting Supplement: sidewall direct exhaust, vertical direct exhaust, sidewall direct vent, vertical direct vent models, [11] "Mighty Venter Power Vent System", Laars Models MV2, MV2, MV4, MV5 for Mighty Therm 5009-1825. Gas Furnaces, TEMPSTAR CONDENSING GAS FURNACE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS, Thermopride HIGH-EFFICIENCY UPFLOW FURNACE INSTALLER'S INFORMATION MANUAL, SIDE WALL VENTING PRODUCTS REFERENCE GUIDE, Weil McLain ULTRA GAS FIRED WATER BOILERS MANUAL ADDENDUM: VENTING, GOODMAN TWO STAGE GAS FURNACE CV96 & MVC96, CONDENSING GAS FURNACE INSPECTION & TESTS, Carrier Model BW9 Gas-Fired Condensing Boiler, HOME INSPECTION EDUCATION COURESES (Canada), HOME INSPECTION EDUCATION: HOME STUDY COURSES, Distance above grade (ground surface), balcony, deck, porch, veranda, Distance to a window or door that is operable (can be opened), 12 inches [Note 2] or 6 to 36 inches depending on BTUH, Distance to a permanently closed (or non-operable) window, Distance to a ventilated soffit (roof eaves, overhang) above the vent terminal & within a horizontal distance of two feet from the centerline of the terminal, Distance to outside corner of the building, Distance from the vent centerline to a building inside corner, Distance to each side of centerline extended above a [gas] meter / regulator assembly, Distance to a [gas] service regulator vent outlet, Distance to a non-mechanical air supply inlet to the building or to the combustion air inlet for any other appliance, Distance to a mechanical [systems] air supply inlet, Distance above a paved sidewalk or paved driveway on public property, Distance below a balcony, deck, porch, veranda, Distances between a gas fireplace direct vent termination cap and other building features or mechanical systems, Distance from a clothes dryer exhaust vent wall termination to the nearest air inlet point on a direct vent chimney, Distance to an air conditioner or heat pump compressor/condenser unit to the nearest point of a direct vent gas heater exhaust, Distance to air intake and exhaust vent openings of another direct vented gas fired appliance, At least 3 feet (0.9 m) above any forced air inlet located within 10 feet (3.1 m). NFPA 54: National Fuel Gas Code, 2015 NFPA Standards are copyright of National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). The vent termination of a direct vent application must terminate at least 12 inches from any opening through which flue gases may enter a building (door, window, or gravity air inlet). There is no direct vent gas fired heater that I would vent up 24 feet. I don't see a code for the specific exit location of the vent, high on a gable or through the roof. All Exception No. The issue at hand is distance to soffit from vent below soffit - Rows D & E on your table. Up-to-date with current techniques, products, materials, and construction practices, the 2009 National Fuel Gas Code Spanish provides a more effective means of ensuring fuel gas safety on consumers' premises. Results. jack, or roof thimble and be terminated with a listed termination cap. One with pink flowers is "front" of house. Through the wall direct vent termination clearances . inches (23 cm) Where either these conditions are possible I'd increase the clearance distance to 10 feet or 3 meters. Email:, [15] "Gas Fired High Efficiency Furnace Down Flow & Direct Vent (Sealed Combustion) Thermo Pride Model CMA1-50N & CMA2-75N Installation and Service Manual", Thermo Pride, Thermo Products LLC, PO Box 217, North Judson, IN 46366, Tel: 574-896-2133, retrieved 12/30/2012, original source:, copy on file as Thermo_Pride_CMA1-50N_CMA2-75N_Installation_mg-508.pdf, Our recommended books about building & mechanical systems design, inspection, problem diagnosis, and repair, and about indoor environment and IAQ testing, diagnosis, and cleanup are at the. at GOODMAN HVAC MANUALS and there you will find contact information for the company so that you can be sure you have the correct instructions and the installation and operation manual for your specific heater. Finally, I will attach two pictures. Most residential furnace manufacturers offer 4 cabinet width options being A, B, C, and D widths. @Denny,No Denny, using one pvc vent termination for two appliances is not permissible. You will see in the installation manual for a typical direct vent gas fireplace that the vent like this quite short and run horizontally out through a wall. Continuing endstream endobj 71 0 obj <. Am I able to include this 5" with 31" for the total vertical separation of 3 feet to the bottom edge of the direct vent heater port? I'll include an example of that language below. AType B vent lining an exposed masonry chimney is considered to be an enclosed vent system, and these tables may be used. where wetting of components by condensate, or water vapor, could be detrimental to the operation of pressure regulators, relief valves, or any other equipment. The vent should be sized for the sea level name plate input rating of the appliance in accordance with the procedures set forth in NFPA 54 (The National Fuel Gas Code), or the American Metal Products Gas Vent Capacity Tables. That's why you will sometimes find different clearance requirements for intake versus exhaust.In Minnesota and other areas where there can be deep snow for you need to be concerned as well that both intake and exhaust are sufficiently protected from snowfall or are high enough above the maximum snow level that they will not ever be blocked by snow. We have no relationship with advertisers, products, or services discussed at this website. or EXhaust? 2 elbows, 90 ft., The NFGC Recommended Clearance Distance Table from a Direct Vent Gas Appliance shows a requirement K for "Distance to a mechanical (systems) air supply inlet as: 6 feet and 3 feet above if within 10 feet horizontally.". Vent terminations need to be to a “safe place.” “Safe place” is not defined in any of the codes. Or will i automatically have to also purchase a new water heater and boiler. The illustration below showing a minimum of 12" clearance of gas vent to roof overhang is from ICP's gas furnace installation instructions, not-accidentally included in the employee training materials for some gas companies such as Questar (our source). Obviously I didn't make any of this up, though sometimes I may quote standards that are later modified. and =/< Continue reading at DIRECT VENTS / SIDE WALL VENTS or select a topic from the closely-related articles below, or see the complete ARTICLE INDEX. Page 36 Certified PVC/CPVC Vent Termination Options (continued) NOTE Vent Termination All figures shown in this section is in reference to flat roofs. Current Edition: 2019. I currently have a concrete vertical chimney venting my boiler and water heater. Snow depth is also definitely a consideration but, especially in the front, would be mitigated by soffit, shrubs and flower boxes... Where are my best placements? I have direct gas vents on the back of my house. For help finding the manufacturer of your gas fired equipment see these two links offering both equipment installation and operating manuals and age decoding help: This topic has moved to DIRECT VENT INSTALLATION, SNAFUS & SPECS, I have a Goodman 60,000 BTU high efficiency Direct venting, my fresh air vent is about 3 feet below the window, my exhaust vent I want to move just right around the corner of the house approximately a total distance of about 48 inches, can I do this if not how far to the right of the window and below the window can I be with The exhaust vent thank you, This question and reply were posted originally at DIRECT VENTS / SIDE WALL VENTS. For clearances not specified in ANSI Z223.1/NFPA 54, clearances are in accordance with local installation codes and the requirements of the gas supplier. 90 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<131CE7FCF679BC42A007AEBBF867C386>]/Index[70 44]/Info 69 0 R/Length 96/Prev 343836/Root 71 0 R/Size 114/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream or both? [note that in areas of deep snow this clearance may be inadequate and thus unsafe]. If this were an option it would be found in your installation manual and/or ifgc book. ANSI Z223.1/NFPA 54 National Fuel Gas Code • ANSI Standard since 1974 • All listed gas appliances refer to NFGC • Requirements for use of indoor volume and outdoor air for combustion • Requires a safety inspections including draft • Requires make- up air for exhausting air equipment In the Goodman heater manual I use as an example (Watch out: you didn't give your heater model so this our excerpt may not be correct nor safe for you), and using a 60,000 BTUH Goodman MVC96/CVC96 Direct Vent (2 - Pipe) system, the maximum allowable length FOR THAT BTUh example depends on. 12.11 Vent Connectors for Category I Appliances.

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